Watercolor Journey

Fine Art by Roxy Hittesdorf 

I found my love for watercolor after wondering into a gallery a few years ago in Washburn, Wisconsin on a rainy summer day. I’m a sailor, and the forecast was not great for sailing Lake Superior. I went exploring around town and visited Karlyn’s Art Gallery where I met the owner/ artist, Karlyn Holman. It was my first time in the art gallery, and I fell in love with Karlyn’s vibrant personality, talent and beautiful art. She encouraged me to try painting with watercolor. I bought a line drawing along with some watercolor paints and brushes. Once the paintbrush touched the paper, I was hooked! I returned to the gallery a week later and showed Karlyn my painting. She invited me to attend her watercolor class event the next week to grow my skills painting with watercolor and mixed media.  I attended classes during the week at the gallery, and stayed on our sailboat in the marina. Karlyn inspired me to keep painting and grow my artistic talent! The photo on the right is my father, a retired farmer. I painted his favorite crop he planted every year – corn.

I painted the Butterflies for my sister Beth. She was very suprised and loved the art! Beth has a special place in her heart for butterflies.